• nonny_b 5w

    Endless beginning

    " you know everyone is a poet it's just how you are able to express yourself on paper at that moment "

    Her name is Kim, how did I meet her..
    We started with a simple smile and then a name,
    Her name was just one word I couldn't get off my mind I kept my eyes on her,
    I visited her once , twice and now rarely
    I called her once , twice and then never
    I texted her 18hrs a day,3times a week, 10 times a month and now never.. .
    That's time as the clock ticks time changes, relationships evolve people grow old and people change , we are back to the beginning but not introducing each other with names.
    " just as if the clock started ticking in the revers direction "
    I was in love but she was not , am hunted by the memories of her , her pink lips , her beautiful eyes with her sexy curve's all in one simple slim body. I know I don't behave like I love her but that's me so I won't believe i lost her , I got her into the friend zone now I call her twice a year, chat her with hey and that's it. Am lonely its just the memories of you left I can't take it anymore every day is like me introducing my self with a name I am nonny_b the narrator