• anirruddh 24w

    As I Lay In My Bed

    Switch the lights off
    Arouse two sensuous candles
    A pizza and a coke.

    I want to do it with you.
    Right here,
    In this house
    We might call a home.

    Pull the curtains apart
    Bring me to reality.
    Let the morning star
    Descend to bless us.
    Your tresses keep me
    In a mystical captivity
    You win the arguments
    You extinguish my hostilities.

    My hand treads on your hips,
    Yours, on my shoulders
    An Elvis Presley record sings:
    'For I can't help,
    Falling in love with you.'
    Days as these are younger,
    Dancing akin to the light
    In the Polar skies.

    Little feet, shall play in the mud.
    It will keep us busy.
    May be we still find time,
    For ourselves.
    Oh! Do not say please,
    "He's changed."
    As though times have,
    I might not be the same.

    Your wrinkled face,
    Spectacled eyes,
    Praying by my side
    As I lay in my bed,
    With rosary circulating
    In those shaking hands-

    I have been loved,
    Yonder to the heavens.