• danielpobz 10w

    Talking about the recent bombings that's been happening. God bless to all those victims. I sincerely hope they can get back to their feet �� #pod #Issues

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    I feel sorry for this beat
    My sympathies for this lyrical track
    This poem is taking me back
    Down memory lane with this crap

    I could still look at people and be taken aback
    How much patriotism they lack
    I am just stating a fact
    I'm stomping hoping to make an impact

    We're going nowhere, in fact
    There's another terrorist attack
    Leaders are absent, alas!
    We are just victims in the blast

    The youth stand up, you're not useless
    Be brave like warriors, we are fearless
    This is no time to be defenseless
    Muster up the blood, be reckless

    Fuck doing what you're told
    You act like a two year old
    When this shit goes kaboom, you act like it isn't intentional
    For poets, it's a funeral

    So I'll devise up these rhymes
    To speak up without a dime
    You're a coward and I'm in the front lines
    I'm a wake in your mornings, maybe that's why I rise and shine

    You're all words but have no guts
    You only act when you bit the dust
    These issues are a clear debacle
    But you still debate, now that's awful

    Me, I don't have much bravado
    But I do all I can although
    My words are sometimes hard to swallow
    Atleast they're filled with meaning and not hollow

    Maybe sometimes my heart is at the wrong place it seems
    It's probably 'cause it's on my sleeves
    The skies maybe black and old
    But my heart is made of solid gold

    When it's all said and done
    When my life has coursed it's run
    Instead of building a war machine
    I'll invent a time machine

    Try to right the wrongs of this world
    Before the human race, races to the underworld
    I hope the bombings would stop
    But it never does, and I'm on top

    I'm not gonna sweat it cause this world is already fucked
    Down the drain and off the garbage truck
    The people are turning a blind eye
    They'd rather smile and let each other die

    So everyone's just ashes blowing in the air
    We are caught on fire but we don't care
    Wasted youth, no fire, just ice cold
    Nobody ever listens to what they are told