• mikilove 10w

    The Twins (Part Two)

    Her hands muffled my screams, she whispered in my ear "We're going to play a game." I closed my eyes wanting her to stop when I opened them she was in front of me...but she was behind me as well. I could feel the fear shining in my eyes, the other girl cocked her head to the side. She smiled the same chilling smile as the girl behind me. "Yes let's play a game." The original girl removed her hands and swiftly appeared in front of me. They stood side by head both of their heads cocked to the side, the same chilling grin plastered on both of their faces. "What do you want?" I asked. They didn't answer just kept staring at me, with those eyes. "We will be back Rilee, we will be back. And we will play our game." I blinked and they were gone, I could see Mya's black Honda Civic pulling up. I picked up my bag and put a smile on my face, trying not to think about what happened. She stopped and opened the door, "Sorry I'm late, traffic." I hopped in the car forgetting the strange girls as I got sucked into her constant babbling.