• illicit_skunk 10w

    -cider foam

    the moisture from my tears evaporate
    leaving behind,
    an incrustation of salts on the lens.
    maybe that is the reason why
    the dull blues suddenly turned
    so incandescent.

    the low viscosity beeswax cake
    falls off my lips
    leaving them bare
    for the nightshade's kiss.

    another day
    and i go further
    out of your reach.
    my absence has done to you,
    what satire does to a peach.

    the collection of extra-virgin women
    dipped in rancid olive oil
    and their dresses
    billowing out behind them
    turns your rigid orientation, meek;
    the jackass in a jacuzzi
    jerking off to sleep.

    a good day smells like a crayon
    and a good riddance
    smells like a box full of them.
    you put birdlime under my shoes
    but i've got the skills to run barefoot
    in the game.

    found myself smiling again
    after a decade of nothing but pain;
    licking lemon popsicles under the sun
    as the brunt of freedom
    and the thrill of 2020 grows on me.