• rebelpjones 23w

    By RebelpJones

    Tension of two sides
    From within
    my chaotic mind,

    I designed a refined
    Way to change my kind
    To realign with mankind

    With a dialectical
    way of thinking,
    there's enough work
    to do in my life

    Doing my part
    to help
    fix the problems
    in the world,

    and from where I'm sitting
    it seems man's
    down for the count,
    more of us need to wake up
    and see the grand scheme
    of things,

    between the poisoned skies,
    the tides of Hell are on the rise
    The things meant to keep us alive
    Are being used to help us die
    as tools of our demise,
    and their made to trick
    our minds
    corrupt our
    beautiful natural designs,

    taught to hate our own kind,
    Humanity being lead
    by evil greedy criminal minds,
    With a sickness for the sex
    and blood of children,
    along with animal sacrifice,

    Selling your soul
    goes deeper than you think,
    As is the mark of the beast,
    Your next Technological upgrade,
    Will join you in physical sync,

    Next thing you know
    you're taking the blind oath,
    ingesting that blood drink,
    A drug made to change
    the way you believe,
    and think,

    but that's not new,
    The design of everything on the consumer line,
    is created as a cancer for our existence,

    As the evil sit back and thrive,
    Slowly choking on their lies,
    The birth of the
    seven headed serpent
    Summoned in prophesy
    A man made design.

    Perverting pages written to guide
    to further keep us lost in the devils www.ebof lies
    See what I did there,
    This is how I see it with my own opening eyes.