• 4eyedbunny1 5w


    I’m scared,
    I’ll always be scared.
    The same hands that used to give me life now kill me,
    Fingers that once caressed & nourished the deepest parts of my soul now unravel the rot from all the love I denied myself.
    I remind you how I feel,
    You tell me why I shouldn't.
    My end is near.
    Throne toppled, a spark that once lit up worlds is lost.
    Twisted, bent and adjusted into oblivion,
    I choose to remember the illusion of what once was.
    Light or darkness,
    I know no difference.
    Think of the worst when you raise your hand
    Even if it's just to wave goodbye,
    I smile,
    Scared to think that one day the blade will be shoved deeper and I die a second death.
    I am, I have been and I always will be scared.