• sophiemalpalupa 6w


    The flower carpets
    Wet in summer rains
    With the colour of fire
    Reminding u Dear
    As I walked on them

    I remember the days
    When We were together
    When there were rainbows
    And petals.. wind and joy
    All those moments we
    Shared in love
    When u lived inside me
    And I in u
    Now it's like a long lost
    Dream .. like a delusional cry
    I am reaching out to u
    Do u feel it ?
    Do u still listen to me
    In silence
    There were days when
    We shared dreams
    And woke up like clock work
    Me in u and u in me
    Now I live like a fragment
    Of time lost in the rush
    The flowers are wet under my feet
    But I move on