• fearlessforever 6w

    Once self realization dawns, everything starts making sense. We realise that we are here for a short span of time and we owe nothing to anyone except ourselves. We need to know that we are here in this world for a super strong purpose and we have to make each second count. Time wasted never returns and life is more of celebration than regrets about people and situations. Loss and gain are part of life, and people who love playing the blame game must be happily left. We should aim for peace of mind and if it comes by closing some doors, don't feel bad about it for a single second. Life is a one time offer, and a second wasted will never come back. Don't hurt anybody, never overlook the efforts of a pure soul, because as you sow , so shall you reap. Don't negate a person's existence, because with a super strong will, the game of life can change like anything.