• aavaniie 10w

    Hope You Will..

    Hope you could meet my soul someday,
    May not be the face you are expecting.
    You may not even recognize my eyes,
    Though, I wish you could see it one day..
    It doesn't have the smile you used to love,
    Only the tears you haven't had time to see.
    That heart won't be perfectly perfect, but
    Those flaws and scars are lovable too.
    All those wounds on my heart weren't
    this deep until you chose not to see.
    You made jokes on my flaws, while
    I was seeking for a hug and your shade.
    Maybe you'll never be able to see my soul,
    But it's okay, it's not that pretty to look at.
    One day it will let its flaws to shine and,
    Will learn to smile straight from the heart.
    Wish you could see that from a distance,
    And make jokes on your own mistakes.
    You didn't see the beauty of my thorns,
    Try not to see the beauty of my Roses too!