• sahanabm 47w

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee

    Do you sleep at night anymore?
    For I see the dark under your eyes.
    They have gone hollow,
    So are your cheeks.
    Do you dream at night anymore, honey?
    What are they about?
    Tell me, are they about me?
    Do you dream colors?
    If so, can you picture me in red?
    Or am I bleeding black?
    It's okay, black is my favorite too.
    Shall I sing you a lullaby?
    Its about the day she lost you.
    And the night you cried on my lap,
    Like a baby, soaking my thighs.
    Will you remember me,
    Now that you are bidding me goodbye?
    If so, remember me as that girl,
    Who said it with her eyes.

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