• bryleigh 10w

    The right thing...

    Do you ever just not feel like trying?
    Like it doesn’t even matter, like you don’t even care?
    Like you’ll just screw everything up anyways so why even try?
    There’s no point anymore, it’s not worth the effort.

    Because no matter how much heart and soul you put into it you still end up feeling empty, day after day, living only for the sake of others.

    No matter how much emotion or how many thoughts are put into the decision, you just can’t flip the final switch, because you know that when you do, everyone else will be in the position you’re in.

    So you just keep living.

    You keep trying to breathe even though there’s no air.

    You keep pushing yourself to walk forward, even when your legs are collapsing from under you.

    You keep going.

    Because it’s the right thing to do.