• oyinkan_godtreasure 22w

    Push or Pull? 2

    I tried pulling this door....
    But there just seem to be something
    Wrong somewhere, probably my greasy hand is the cause
    One more try and 2 more tries led to my 32nd
    Oh God! What is happening?
    Am I stucked here?
    Was the door just a disguise so I can feel Safe..... but real intention is meant to harm?
    Somebody help!
    I am trapped!
    I am alone and frustrated!
    Is anyone even hearing?
    I called dad, but he just won't get it
    "You have to try harder, keep pulling,
    It's never that serious".....he said
    Little sis says she believes in me, ain't no door too strong!
    You see, I am chattererd, I am confused,
    I am tired.....They all don't get that I have been trying
    Lets take the the last try....one, two, three..pull!!!!
    "Keep trying!" they say...."you can do it" they said!
    Let me let you all know that my last strength can't even blow away a piece of paper!