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    Here's why we will not change.

    I was taking my morning walk. Here's what an uncle and aunty remarked at a certain person they knew.
    Apparently, that person did an internship in a company which offered him/her a stipend of Rs. 15,000. This internship got converted to a job offer of ₹6 LPA. Now, that uncle and aunty found it as a loss because many people in the college got a package of ₹10 LPA. They even assumed the person to be poor in academics as the package was low. According to them, the whole education of this person was a loss as the package wasn't high.
    What surprised me is how all of us simply fail as understanding society today.

    a) We don't understand the job markets and the tough competition

    b) how education is seen as an investment and whether it is a profit/loss

    c) how payment package decides your success/ failure and most importantly, making it as an indicator for scores of a person.

    If we ever think of following our passion, then we have to face the worst kind of peer pressure from society in terms of the amount we earn.

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    Indian Society

    Payment Package = f(GPA)

    Success/ Failure = f(Payment Package)

    where Passion doesn't belong to any of the sets