• deepa_26 5w

    Loss of you

    The lightening struck the sky
    There was a loud thunder
    The sky broke loose
    Pit- pat the rain drops fell
    Everything was enveloped in darkness
    My little heart too gave a terrified shudder
    In that moment I knew something terrible had occurred!

    Tears drops ran down my cheeks
    When came the most tragic news of my life
    I couldn't show anyone how much it hurt
    What it meant to have you no more with us!

    I wish to God to turn it to a nightmare
    But deep inside my heart I know it's all in vain
    It is a reality which has to be faced by me alone
    Without having you by my side.

    You promised to be there --- always by my side
    It is this knowledge which has provided me with much needed strength to endure this irreparable loss!

    I will love you, always, though you may no more be here to share the world with me.