• thalassophile_soul 9w

    Love is Freedom

    I closed my eyes
    And there was a grey sky,
    Cold wind and earthly smell of rain ...

    But heart wasn't heavy
    As it used to be ...

    And the sands touching my feet ,
    Rhythm of sea waves ,
    Amidst the coconut trees ,

    I was running and running fast ,
    With sounds of giggling,

    And someone following me ,
    With calling my name ,
    Feeling happiest to the core of my heart,

    Along with the fast heartbeat ,
    I was free ....

    I was free like,

    That seabird in the sky ;
    Swiftly dancing like the fishes ;
    Running like a crabs on the shore ,

    At 23 ,
    I realised !

    Love is freedom !
    A freedom chained to myself...
    A freedom chained to my happiness ...

    And me ?

    I'm chained in his thoughts,
    His happiness in me ...

    And love lies in our freedom !