• gitumani 10w


    To make a life take birth.
    They are there.
    To pull out a life from death.
    They are there.

    They have families..
    They have a life..
    But they care more ..
    For people alive..

    Here you smashed them..
    Tear them apart..
    Once a God..now.. caricature.

    They bleed, But can never cry..
    Who will be their saviour?
    The society they live..
    Is not their home.

    The hands once used for saving lives.
    Are broken now ..
    The color Red ..
    Is on their heads.

    How far we can go?
    How far will we stretch?

    Don't leave them alone..
    They need you now..

    Once they save you..
    It's time to save them now.