• __bee__ 6w

    The drizzle whispers tonight,
    A story has to be told in the hush hush hours,
    The indigo of the night encompasses it,
    Like the droplets stay loose in the clouds,
    Before kissing the earth quenching it's thirst,

    The petals, the leaves nothing seems to be enough,
    The drizzle falls straight on my face, covering my ears,
    It's a story too beautiful to say,
    But it wants it to be told,
    Through the magic of words today,

    So let me tell the tale of the rains,
    Their journey, their stories and experience,
    But the drizzle still whispers tonight,
    May be there is more to it,
    May be there is something unfinished,

    So here I am standing outside,
    With my ears open and closed eyes,
    "Let's create a story together", I say,
    You be my ink and I'll be your pen.