• david_vs_a_word 11w

    The face's ponder loosely bases
    Of mistaken flims that poses
    Green eye's in the shadow stasis...
    Into bright blue moons that consumes voraciously, the sliver letter of domination.
    Thee green eye swirls the halo back and forth
    Between the semi-circle of life, too produce
    Falls tale of intrigue and comprehensive love.
    That beckons the tale profoundly, but whispers
    Misty structures of reverberating curves
    That serves endless possibilities of desire, as
    You lose yourself behind fire...you become
    The main attraction that leads you too the
    Source of energy, that rules the course of your
    Final destination. As you precede down the path of lover's light, you become astounded
    From you're lovers touch, because it welcomes
    The traces of moans....of joyous symmetry
    That leads you're finger tips insdide of bliss.
    As you become in trounced in the gripes of esxsty your hands become interlocked that lasts for weeks.....but at last....the next time you.... see your lovers face....it wont be for another 9 1/2 weeks.......

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    Another nine and a half weeks