• _soliloquy_ 5w


    She lovingly looked at her baby palms
    Seashells materialising out of the blue
    A tiny cluster of varied shapes and sizes
    Every intricate pleat tinted a distinct hue

    Her wide eyes twinkled with the thought
    A promise mother made the other day
    "Momma's gonna make you a necklace
    The most beautiful you have ever seen
    Only if you collect your favourite shells"

    She gathered everything she could see
    Her hands could barely take one more
    Dawdling to the sea in hope for better
    Spotting prettier shells along the way

    As the skies changed to its dusky gown
    She made up her mind to return home
    When a wave dashed towards the shore
    Stealing her little collection as she toppled

    Looking around, she could spot nothing
    "My momma won't be happy with me"
    Moving on empty handed and teary eyed
    Darkness trying it's best to comfort her

    "A huge wave took it from me, momma"
    She stood with her hands outstretched
    "It's alright my little one, don't be sorry
    Look what momma made for my girl"

    A dainty necklace made of little seashells
    Dangle gracefully, blurry in the candlelight
    "Momma picked a few shells on the way
    Coz momma loves you no matter what"

    A mix of emotions hurled into her mind
    As she held it as carefully as possible
    A warm embrace is all she could offer
    Speechless from the pleasant surprise