• thorn_heart 6w

    Life,the world, hopelessness

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    Taking drugs, A word of Fire

    Born to a world filled with liars, where trust turns to fires. Hearts are carried on the sleeve while we all practice to deceive. Air so polluted struggling to breathe somehow divorce is just fine, and fear have become just another state of mind.

    Take another hit to make yourself higher
    Tell another lie to avoid the fire
    Hostages of viruses they engineered
    Part of the age where kindness is feared
    Take another line to numb the mind
    Ask no questions fearing answers you'll find
    Terrified of death when you've already died
    Take another pill to mend your free will
    Talk to no one fearing the secrets you'll spill
    Take another injection, fearing rejection
    Never look in the mirror ashamed of your reflection.

    Live in a world where everyone has a opinion, believing they comprehend the hell you are living in.
    Trophies for participation because winning is sinning, where every loser is suddenly a bruiser and every opportunity missed is a reason to carve scars in their wrist.
    No longer fighting with firsts now with pictures and words on a digital wall filled with stories no one cares for at all.

    Take another hit of this Crack
    Trying to mend the humanity you lack
    Falling in paranoia that slowly destroy us
    Take another line of Cocaine
    Attempting to run from your pain
    Falling into madness becoming insane
    Take another pill of Ecstasy
    Drowning out all of reality
    Falling into a trance another puppet to dance
    Take another injection of Heroin
    Denying that you know the state you're in
    Falling into the abyss completely oblivious.