• lifeandverses 10w

    You were a mystery I wanted to discover,
    But I lost myself while unveiling your cover!

    Those sad verses never made sense before you came,
    Things were so beautiful but now nothing's the same.

    Playing the songs you dedicated to her, tears rolling down my skin,
    If you always belonged to her then why did you let me in?

    See what you did, turned me into an ugly mess,
    Took away my optimism and filled me with darkness.

    I want to start new, can you please depart?
    But why my mind wanders back to the boy who broke my heart?

    I wonder what am I to you?
    Just a back-up plan to take away all your blue!

    I thought I was special to you, but I was so wrong,
    So, this is how it ends by writing another heartbreaking song.