• linnet 5w

    The midnight letter: part 1

    It was a cold winter night when the letter started coming in. Every day at the same hour a letter would drop by Mrs Daley's doorstep leaving all the the members of this huge household perplexed and out of their wits. The letter would always be tittled to Mrs Daley,


    there it would be written in bold capital letters the same old letter delivered anonymously at the same hour of the night.
    The servants would stay up till midnight waiting impatiently for the midnight delivery man, chewing their nails out of fear of the unknown.
    But alas to the dismay of the mistress of the house the midnight delivery man never managed to come into notice by the servants.

    The letters made no sense to the lady. Her patience was wearing of. Who would dare
    challenge her. The letter was nonsense. But those words...

    The mistress seemed breathless these days after the letter started to make their way into the mysterious affairs in the Daley household.
    She seemed to be not sleeping well. She lost her usual appetite.
    It seemed that something from the past was hunting down Mrs Daley.

    To Mrs Daley it was world of chaos. She had long forgotten the deeds of her past. She almost kept them buried in her soul. Not one soul knew. Her husband.. Dear Fenton had died the previous year. her son.. Her dear Reggie.. Died when he was so small... He had been only twelve...
    Not even her late family knew. Then who was this mysterious midnight delivery man?

    The curse, she thought as she paced down the hallway. It must be. It was coming back. But why?
    Curses don't write letters. Period. No it was a person.
    A person who was aware of the curse. Her deeds. It was of course a person, she thought with a fake laugh. It couldn't be the curse. But who?
    Damien? But he was supposed to be... Dead?

    The weather was cold. Mrs Dayley was shivering. But anyone would tell that it was not only the December cold weather that made her shiver madly despite her high class woollen cloak . She suddenly stopped pacing to and fro and halted. Her face went pale.

    wait, she thought. dead? Was there even a body? As far as she remembered the body discovered at the campsite had been unrecognizable. at least that's what they said.
    He is alive, she thought clenching her cloak. Damien was alive. But if he was alive, then why the letters?
    No way.. did he blame her? Elena Hent? Before her marriage she had promised him... Was she responsible?
    No.. It was all due to circumstances.. Inevitable circumstances... The deaths... The curse... The fire... No... It was not her.... She couldn't lose... If Damien was alive why didn't he come before? Why wait all these years? Why now?
    Suddenly the world went black. Mrs daley tripped on the floor mat her head spinning.
    The servants hurried past to attend their unconscious Mistress.