• aheshu 5w

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    One wintry night amidst my own

    Chaos reigning within
    Polarity of thoughts
    In seamless union
    Yet they leave their mark..
    The rough edge on the psyche
    The puncture where the thread of sanity looped through,
    The knots at the end
    The filigree of misuse.

    And deep within me,
    Corrosive yet purposeful,
    Battery acid of thoughts
    Screaming in their own confusion
    With torches extinguished
    Searched for some paths lost.

    In this garbled mess of insanity/reality
    There are moments when time drags by
    Such thoughts in captivity
    Come peek through my eye.
    Bewildered with impatience,
    They depart with baleful sighs..

    And yet,
    An impassionate ruse of purpose
    Plays the chords each day.
    A whip to the back
    Another day of fertile decay!
    On and on the merry thread leaps
    And the softer its lullaby
    The sweeter my conscience sleeps..