• mongoose 5w

    The Legend of Rask Task
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Forgive me, for I can only speak in poetry, and rhyme 
    because I still have you on my mind
    so please do not ask me any questions, for I have no time. for I still have some loose ends still to bind.

    Now, I would love to stay and talk,
    but I must get back to the dock.   But I must pay my groat
    so I can catch the next boat
    now, my name you may ask,. well it is quite simple you see
    for my name is Rask Trask, now please, I must stop this talking spree

    For I am really running out of time. I really must be leaving soon. before your husband convicts me of this crime
    for it is already almost noon.

    And I cannot be with my wife
    if I am lying dead in my grave
    so please do not mind me for not being brave
    but I would enjoy escaping with my life

    well I bid thee adieu for here he comes now
    and I shall leave you two with a bow
    now I wish you luck, for he looks mad
    and I hope for the best that it does not end bad, 

    but if it does, allow me to add,  that I too know where you live