• the_unheard_legacy 9w

    Divinity to embrace

    A while glimpse through gate of nursery.
    Scenic to eyesight
    obsess with such a delight.
    Aroma in those breeze professed as archery.
    Moment so happening is an escape from misery.

    A divinity to embrace!

    Orchids or Tulips
    Lilies or bird of paradise.
    Hope this dangling daffodils'
    appears this conscience are suffice.

    Burdened by the due drop
    'Rosa' your salute through salvation never stop
    Velvet or its a shade! correlated to that mermaid.
    'Plucking of petals' your legacy is fragile!
    A life from a cut is indeed agile.

    A divinity to embrace.

    Roseman slice the stem,
    thorn are chopped
    Your fragrance we adore
    will never be stopped!

    Gratitude towards the gift from divine
    A mild rain,cool breeze and sunlight
    "What a invincible nature"? God you have design.
    Not on that tall hills
    but found in nursery the dangling daffodils.

    Observing the beauty of nature
    A divinity to embrace.

    Tossing the head ,moving to and fro
    Due to wave on wave.
    Like a rhyme coordination
    the golden stretch enclave
    "A paradise on earth is spring admiration"

    At last divinity to embrace!