• meeyat15 9w

    Not sure of the title so y'all can give it one yourselves.

    He was like the wind, that was there but unseen,
    I couldn't catch nor grasp it, always silent when coming in,
    And leaving without a trace whether night time or morning,

    Like a moth's attraction to fire, knowing it shouldn't get closer,
    I couldn't help myself and moved even closer,
    His eyes were filled with warmth that could melt the winters chill,
    His smiled at me and raised his hands to my chin,

    Deep in his eyes, i saw my reflection,
    I didn't know why, but i felt a tinge of satisfaction,
    He looked at me with those crystalline eyes,
    And said those words that made me smile,

    "I'm not worthy of you, no one is",
    He said and rose to his feet,
    I looked on till his figure disappeared completely,
    And then I felt like a new being entirely,

    I looked out and saw the first flower of spring blooming,
    I didn't know why, but it felt rather soothing,
    For the first time in a million years,
    I smiled and a glint found its way into my eyes.