• anonymousft 11w


    Naruto , a rejected small boy from konoha , village hidden in leaf
    All he ever wanted was acknowledgement and villager's belief

    Gained many friends by following his ninja way
    Meanwhile Sakura's teary eyes pleads Sasuke to stay

    Couldn't come back to konoha after his training with jiraya begun
    Returned after two years with a grown up body and a bigger rasengan

    Sakura's insanely strong punches was what sasori couldn't withstand
    Successfully rescued Garra and saved village hidden in the sand

    After defeating Itachi , Sasuke learned the truth behind Uchiha massacre
    Meanwhile jiraya sacrificed himself making pain Naruto's next challenger

    Overcoming grieve , naruto trained vigorously and perfected sage mode
    Crushed akatsuki and defeated pain , rescuing his friends and adobe

    Fought bravely against Madara , emerged as shinobi world's savior
    Won peace when team 7 defeated kaguya , mother of ninja's creator

    A loser turned hero who taught us to never give up and work super hard towards our ambition and goal
    Your journey is over but you are still in my soul , a smile adorns my face whenever I spot a ramen's bowl

    Written by Manish