• shewritesrandom 6w

    Burdened our hearts our;sadness is all that I see around;words fall short yet so much to feel;tears fall as if their's plenty of it;things are broken around just like our hearts are;how much pain she must have felt breaks me and makes me want her more;she has gone where her kids who went up their before her,are;maybe in a good place and peaceful one where her soul feels calmed;out of pain and grief,out of every agony that she felt,death seems less painfull; maybe that's our destiny and we can't deny it;we lost the one who has raised us since our childhood;as I write this my heart shatters and tears make the screen blurry;heart screams but still gotta keep silence, slept she is but her soul's here only, she's watching us from above and smiling and asking us to smile as she finds more happiness in the lap of his late son and daughter;there were no actual last words of her that could be remembered just her blessings in which I was asked to make her and her son's name proud and that every little step I take towards achieving it should be a worthy one.
    All I know now is that no one stays with you and there's no guarantee if someone will stay with you "Forever" or not...as forever is just a misunderstood word of English,it doesn't means "for all time; permanently" it means just till our destinies are tied together.