• sakzayn 40w

    Baby, if it is at the expense of your happiness...don't leap , Sometimes that decision might be smaller than your smile ���� @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #sakzayn #lettinggo

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    Why do you choose to be deluded
    Even with both eyes opened
    You roam tirelessly in darkness
    Even when the sun is up high
    You still have an edge to complain
    Without trying just a bit to change
    Why do you take every little chance
    And break it into tiny sticks of despise
    You move around with so much sadness
    And yet claim so much life
    Maybe its gonna be really fine
    When you let go of all the times
    You fell with no one in sight
    And then stayed down longer
    For you think its what you deserve
    The times you got trampled on
    All because you were so much nice
    When you gave it your all
    So your neighbour could live all right
    when you put all your energy
    To loving the wrong person right
    You could never have moved on
    Without actually letting it all go
    But why is there still so much lies
    Lying beneath your happy coated eyes
    Maybe you let go of so much
    That you really have nothing left
    Except a pillow to cry to at night
    Sometimes when you let it all go
    There is just too much to lose