• reign_unleashed 23w

    3rd Eye Blind

    Have you ever been in situations
    And only looked at it from
    Your point of view
    I've done that a lot thru life
    Not realizing there's more than one angle
    Ninety degrees
    Also acute
    More than one mind
    A million thought processes
    How can any one be right
    They're all correct
    See it all boils down to experience
    We may have all been thru the same scenario
    Yet each outcome differs
    Stemming from our upbringing
    As well as our individuality
    The things we were taught
    Those we choose to believe
    It all separates us as human beings
    We have to step outside of ourselves
    We must get past our ways
    In order to make it
    One must be open-minded
    Ready to receive and digest
    Another's opinions and values
    For there's more than one method
    To solve a problem
    No one is better
    No choice is best
    What works for you
    Is the important thing thru all this
    I choose to eat with a fork
    You choose to eat with a spoon
    Yet when it's all said and done
    We'll still both be fed and full
    Try not to be so quicc to judge
    Understand it from their standpoint
    There's no one way to cross the street
    It doesn't matter how u get there
    All that matters is that u made it
    The way you move
    May put me in a new direction
    And have me looking at life
    From a different perspective
    Cease being close minded
    It will expand your opportunities
    Allow yourself to be enlightened
    Close your eyes
    Use the third
    Open the gate to your inner realms
    It's time to reach your space
    Of higher consciousness