• _ameeshii_ 10w

    I am just a word away
    You stand at the start
    And I loiter in the end.
    Betwixt us there's a word
    I call it "commitment"
    But you caught
    the burden of it.
    I took it to be a sea
    Which flows between us
    And sets us apart
    Even if we are one at heart.
    I wanted you to cross the sea
    And sail towards me.
    Because here I have a life,
    Which is waiting
    For your sunshine.
    The candle is waiting for you
    To come and lit it up
    And garnish our Dinner table.
    The rose in the vase
    Is wilting with the wait
    It is yearning to
    Sprinkle the aroma of love
    When we dance to
    The ballads of the stars.
    The moon is gazing at the way
    Without even winking a blink.
    The oleander is humming
    A lullaby to set everyone asleep.
    But along with me
    My world is waiting for
    You to arrive and
    Adopt us all.
    We want to bask
    in your presence
    And breathe
    in your company
    For you will
    bring us Hope
    To sustain
    this uncertain life.
    Come on,
    Sail towards us,
    We are just a word away.