• calixta_dalla 10w

    Love the Change

    Thoughts speeding through my mind
    Sometimes they are unkind
    I'd like to decipher my feelings
    Try to become more defined

    Through my eyes
    I see clearly, like never before
    Unsure of the journey that lies ahead

    Mi amore
    Hear me speak these truthful words
    I'm unsure of what you see
    Help me understand, what it is you mean
    When you say you love me

    Iv heard this before
    My mind wants to twist your truth into deceit and uncertainty
    Because it's all I knew
    I'm doing my best to change officially my lifestyle thats never been seen, and make it true
    By those I have love for, beyond as far as the eyes can see
    I conquer the fears that come underneath

    So slick and sly
    as I cut my eyes back and forth in caution for their disguise
    I search for you in comfort and strength to fight them
    As we are side by side
    For your strength is mine and mine is yours
    I'll never let you fall within my tides
    For it is my fight
    I just need help from your loving soul and guide my hands to something that is more defined and made of gold