• thaniya_nair 5w

    Sometimes we feel as if meeting someone was the best thing that happened in our life. Sometimes it's just the opposite. Sometimes we think that we shouldn't have met that person. Sometimes it's that we feel as if a person is meant to be with us forever. But the thing is, things are meant to be like that. It is never a coincidence. If you haven't met that person, you wouldn't have experienced the situation that led you to like or dislike that person. You wouldn't have had that thought or that talk to yourself, you wouldn't have gone through the path you went through because of them. It can be positive or negative but eventually, that situation teaches you something.
    People change you, situations change you, but experiences from people and their influence, it changes you in ways you cannot expect and that is important for us to build our character.
    Embrace it. Let people inside your comfort zone. Experience the change and change for the better. Make good relations and relationships.
    People are always temporary but very few remain constant. Cherish each and every moment with them. Always be available to people who are available to you because they are finding time to be with you amidst their busy schedule.
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