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    Happy anniversary senu and Ayya... Happy 6 years... Love you ❤️ guys ��

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    You and him

    If you asked me 6 years ago
    Do I believe in love?
    I would have said
    No I don't
    Because I have never seen anyone else
    Who is been in love like you and you

    If you told me
    To be in love...
    I would have said
    Why should I?
    It's such a stupid thing

    But 5 years ago
    I met you guys
    Who told me
    And taught me
    The definition of love
    The definition of togetherness
    The definition of eternity

    I remember the first time I saw you
    I didn't understand who were you?
    I was confused
    Who is she?
    I was scared
    You would steal him from me
    You would distance him from us

    Since the time we talked
    I knew you would not do any of the above
    You brought us closer
    I found a sister in you
    You found a baby in me
    As you would say..

    The him
    I would be so grateful for him
    Bcs he gave me a sister
    A friend
    A care taker
    A whole package deal
    Gosh I hope
    I will find a love like you've
    I will find a relationship like you've
    The love you share with each other
    Is for forever
    Keep flourishing and growing
    But together always...