• sriparnadas 6w

    I sing of a maiden
    who belongs to no man,
    Yet would fall
    for every other gentleman.

    She would talk to many,
    laugh with some,
    fall for fewer,
    but gives heart to none.

    Swoon by her grace
    You'll fall for charms.
    Blinds you with love,
    but she means no harm.

    As the days pass by
    and the butterflies don't show up
    she bids you farewell
    and finds new to flirt.

    Some days would be lonely,
    some days will be fine,
    Some nights will be dim,
    while others outshine.

    you speak of true love,
    yet you dream of her life.
    She becomes the mistress
    While you settle for wife.

    you can have the whole Dec
    but she has a cards right.
    She lives a fairytale,
    while your lasts few nights.

    So I am singing of a maiden,
    who belongs to no man.


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