• the_grasshoppers_ 6w

    Friends forever!

    To my soul mate,
    Writing this to let you know
    You're irreplaceable
    The embedded stone in my heart
    The bedecked stars of my dreams
    The heartstring and heart beat !
    Adoring all the happiness and love
    I'm wrapt with content and fortune
    My heart full of love and thanks
    For being with me all the time
    The darkest days weren't dark with you
    The brightest days were much more brighter
    I've witnessed the pure love !
    I can say with all my heart and prestige
    You're the best thing ever happened to me
    I'm much more me when I'm with you
    I'm happily recovering myself
    My mind is filled with your thoughts
    I should say "our thoughts"
    The days and nights we spent together
    Where we forgot the past and future
    I wish ,I could go back to those days
    Dear bestie , this is a promise
    Promising you that I'll never leave you
    Never ever, my intimate!