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    From ages men has suffered a lot, majority of population from centuries have lived a life under par, people have just survived instead of thriving, majority of people have lived a n un privileged life with every passing moment as a struggle, where a few people enjoy ll the fruits of live most struggle to fulfil their ends meat, people are deprived of basic amenities, leave alone the luxurious life which we all are born to live,
    we often tend to believe the reasons of our troubles lies on some circumstances or people who we believe to be the cause of it, when any thing un desirable happens either we look everywhere, we knock every door to come to our aid, we try as hard as we can to find the solution, and when nothing seems to work as a last resort we pray to the God who we believe live somewhere out in the space, and who is testing us for some past karma, or else we surender to the external forces considering ourselves as a tiny creature who is powerless to handle the situation, we pray ,we beg for things to be right again.
    But often this all goes in vain, and you might have seen or met many people in your life who are a living proof of 5his , many people pray and pray , try harder and harder but nothing seems to be changing, and you might wonder why is it so, this often leads people to believe that there is nothing like God or if He does exist He do things as He wishes, you may have heard of phrases like "if it meant to happen it will" " As God pleases"
    And these are only two examples, there are thousands and thousands of such phrases rules mens mind, throughout history generations of people have came and gone by these flawed believes, living a live of compromise and sacrifices, people have lived all their life as a withered leaf on the mercy of wind, it is hard for people to believe that they themselves posses power within, from ages people were forced to believe that power is something which can be possessed by only a few and many institution played a major role in it, due to their own interest or by their own ignorance, vast majority of people live their lives as slaves to people, condition, circumstances or above all God, they never realize their power , potential, or capabilities.
    People were brainwashed in the interest of some to believe that they are week, good for nothing creatures who born out of human lust so they has to suffer and face the troubles in this life, and not only this but past life's as well, entire generations were ruled and fooled by this myth that we have to face the consequences of something we had done.
    They were force to believe that they have to beg from some external force or need to seek help from those who posses some special powers to relieve them from sins, miseries and all troubles, all over the world this game is played from centuries and will be continued for no one knows how long.

    On the name of arrangement of stars or the moon and sun, the past karmas, mis interpretation of texts and list goes on and on and people keep believing all this without any sort of reason, people believe in all kind of symbols which they were make believe to posses power never for once to realize the reason for what all which is happening with or around them, we never take time to understand or to seek the true reason behind all this, and thus many efforts to bring peace, to make comfortable living condition for masses, the efforts to bring equality either gone in vain or brought no considerable results.

    But neither the reason behind all the sufferings of the world nor the solution to it is very complicated infact it is so simple that our logical mind rejects it immediately due to its flawed programming of lack and limitations.

    When a men come in union with the thought that he is not a mere puppet in the hands of any judgemental force but he is one with an all loving and merciful force which is omnipresent, who loves all unbiased of race, religion , cast ,creed age or anything, who is not judgmental but forgiving and all He wishes all his children to prosper, to enjoy the abundance of universe, he not only make things smooth for self but for all bis fellow members.
    As a men start to seek within instead of without, he start realizing his own infinite power, develops the understanding that he himself is the cause and effect and thus manages his thoughts and actions coherently in accordance to the law of nature.

    When he meditate upon the omnipresent and ever present power within, when he understands I and God are one

    As in the Bible the text reads:

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

    But it also says!

    No one will say, 'Look, here it is!' or, 'There it is!'; because the Kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

    So isn't it just to look within for the Almighty force instead of looking it in someone or something else, because Unless we ourselves pause and believe in the presence of God or infinite power within, we will always stay dependent on others being it someone who lives somewhere in the sky or someone who live next door. #thoughts

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    Devil is nothing but life liveD in opposition of our own true purpose.