• magniloque_scrawler 6w

    Something unexpected supervened,
    amidst my existence,
    A chap , after so long, remembered me,
    long time since..heard from him
    Had some agony burdened upon his mind,
    Feeling down never like before, he opined
    Had some trust issues on his life,
    Felt like the biggest mistake,
    Once what was thought his biggest aid,
    Aggrieved, he pleaded
    His silence solicited empathy,
    I understood his pain,
    since I have also been through this vain,
    I listened to his pleas,
    At Last.. Our conversation had to cease
    I showed my concerns
    Yet he seemed unmoved

    Minutes passed, the last seen widened
    He will sort that out, I concluded,
    Seating on my back, a thought got my note
    I didn't react.. Like I did before
    I wasn't empathetic.. As I used to be
    I just talked casually..
    as if it had nothing to do with me

    Yeah... It was none of my concern.,
    Neither...Will I be liable for my action,
    Yet, something inside catechized my action
    Is this the real me..?? What I had been..
    I sat back.. Staring the ceiling,
    Pondering over the event,
    I wasn't ashamed of my act,
    Nor I was happy for the fact,
    I understood.. What occured that time
    My intramural.. At last.. Faded away
    My morals, my nature.. Gave up their breath
    What people were fond in...
    were in their sheath
    All empathy I once boasted off
    Was nowhere inside me,
    All I had now.. Was a piece of flesh
    beating as my blood proceeded,
    I noticed I wasn't the same before,
    I knew... I was CHANGED

    Was I heartless .??!
    Or just thinking a little less...
    Am I shattered till now
    Or starting to clean up my mess...?!

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