• lostshayar567 10w

    Broken wings
    And shivering hands,
    All you could see
    Was the dark in her eyes.

    Fallen she was,
    With no chance to rise.
    Her death was near,
    Couldn't redeem the life.

    She was waiting for her moment,
    But it's wasn't arriving.
    She was craving death,
    But it wasn't the ideal.

    Stumbling all over,
    She was a mess.
    All she could ask,
    Was to be blessed.

    But she didn't knew,
    Who awaited her.
    She didn't knew,
    She had a chance.

    For her mate was death,
    The king of hell.
    She was his angel,
    And he was the prince of dark.

    With the truth being told,
    She knew one thing,
    No matter her faith,
    The angel of death couldn't crave death.

    #angel #demon #devil #death #love #hurt #wings #wordporn #mirakee #blessed

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    Angel of Death