• _prakriti_ 23w

    Still waiting inside..

    So many words
    At the tip of the tongue
    Still waiting to
    Come out at once.

    So many tunes
    Laughing inside my mind
    Still waiting to be
    Sung and rhymed.

    So many desires
    Feelings to share
    Still waiting
    Inside the heart.

    So much pain
    Anger and ire
    Still waiting
    With disgust.

    So much tears
    Screams and cries
    Still tearing
    The heart apart.

    So many talents
    Merits and brilliance
    Still waiting
    To shine.

    So many secrets
    Lies and truths
    That innocent look
    Still hides.

    So many feelings
    Likes and dislikes
    Still waiting inside....