• jeitendra_sharma 6w


    we all are selfish
    we deny it, run away from it
    won't accept it
    we hide our true nature
    impersonate falsehood
    fear Gods
    but try to lure them
    so we can get the exemption
    from, all our selfish deeds
    that we do and will do
    there is no shame in it,

    we are weak inside
    intimidated by power
    seeks for pleasure
    fight for rights
    kill for money
    pray for ourself
    we are selfish
    there is no shame in it
    it is our nature,

    we try to find solitude
    but don't want to leave pleasure
    we will go for penance
    but after committing a sin
    we cry because of separation
    but we cheat in relation
    indeed, we are selfish
    a man on this earth
    how he can be 'selfless'
    there is no morality in it
    we seek attention
    we love power
    and the distinction it brings
    we see others as trash
    no better than stray animal
    we fear the death
    and spoil others lives
    we are selfish,

    we feel inferior
    because of our clothes
    and things which we can't afford
    we lie about our status
    and take pride in our position
    resentful because of harsh words
    we make allegations
    when we can't win
    we lie about the situation
    try to play dirty tricks
    feel high when we succeed
    with the power and money
    we snatch opportunity from others
    we let them die in the cold
    and fire their bodies to warm us
    we hate their sweat
    but eat grains born out of it
    we are selfish,