• niyukti 31w

    What am I thinking ?
    Right now ?
    It doesn't matter.
    It won't matter if you hear it.
    It won't matter cuz you can't do anything about it.
    Asking me for what I'm thinking?
    Let's just cut the chase .
    And I'll answer you what you really wanna listen.
    You don't wanna listen , you wanna lay.
    You wanna pollute my body .
    You wanna pollute my soul.
    You don't care about what I'm thinking.
    You care about how I'd do it.
    How I'd dress for you.
    How I'd undress for you.
    That's what matters
    That's what you are thinking.
    You see , I'm a slut .
    And no matter what I do, I do it for myself.
    I do it for my sister.
    I do it for a living.
    Maybe I'm polluted.
    But I cleanse myself everyday.
    When I bath, I think of god.
    I thank him for making monsters like you.
    I thank him for making sobers like you.
    I thank him for making unsatisfied like you.
    But then again, it's not him.
    It's you. His children took the wrong paths.
    Whatever it is, at least it's a source for my living.
    So, don't ask me what I'm thinking.
    Ask yourself.
    What are you thinking?

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    I'm thinking

    And you ?