• _poetandididntknowit_ 6w


    Religion, history, media and politics in place to scramble your mind.
    Recieve the information, perceive it until you're blind.
    Believe the lies in front of you, you can't see what lurks behind.
    You won't believe what you can't see, our dimensions are entwined.

    History is distorted, hidden, altered and deceived.
    So they can control the information that is delivered and recieved.
    If they control what is received,  they control what is perceived.
    If they control what is perceived,  their reality is conceived.

    Politics and media,  a match made in heaven.
    Spreading propaganda like, the eternal jew from 1937.
    War and destruction everywhere, look at whats happening in Yemen.
    Hundreds of combined coverups, prime example... nine eleven.

    Religion is entwined deep down within, beaten, battered and broken.
    Lied too, led astray and lacerated the suffering goes unspoken.
    Made out to be the big bad wolf, massively bespoken.
    The truth is there read between the lines, the mind it must be open.