• work2rise 6w

    ALJ: Affirmation: Joyful Support

    ALJ:Everything that joyfully matters to me always shows up for me.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #235 Day 235

    10 Signs someone is meant to be with you
    (Source Unknown)

    1 They Bring you peace
    2 You can be 100% yourself around them
    3 You have no desire to change each other
    4 You leave them feeling energized
    5 They Inspire you
    6 You let go of your ego in their presence
    7 You're there for each other through the ups and downs
    8 You aren't constantly competing with each other
    9 You can trust them
    10 They help you chase your dreams

    ALJ: I love privacy, and respect a person more when they can loyally show me that they can value and protect the bond we share, privately. Because to respect privacy is to value and protect our bond and my trust in you.

    Energy is transferred in conversation. Your bond with a person is as strong as the stuff y'all got between one another ((privately))by Youtuber Love Dorsey ( Youtube title : Words & Energy) #ThePowerofPrivacy

    Some things belong to you. Some people, some relationships got to belong to you. #Privacy (Love Dorsey)