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    Darsh: what work???

    Aditi : woh actually mujhe ek Haveli ke upar research karne ke liye bheja ja raha hai , woh yahaan se kuch 10-12 km door hai aur.......uska naam.....aahhh.....haan RAJ ADARSH HAVELI hai. Bolte hai woh cursed but I don't believe isliye mein jaungi��, I am really excited , are you gonna join me!?

    Darsh: nope! I can't let you go and I will also not go!

    Aditi: but why!? Dad bhi yahi bol rahe the☹️?

    Darsh :Woh tumhe batya nahi jaa saktha

    Aditi: kyunnnnn!!!!!

    Darsh : bas nahi!

    Aditi : thik hai mein jaa rahi hun.

    After that day they both didn't met , as Darsh was busy for the trip with his friends.

    Aditi convinced her dad by giving him, her promise (kasam).

    Exactly the day before when darsh went for trip , aditi went day before.

    She and her dad reached the spot. She was amazed by the Beauty of Haveli, it was looking really gorgeous. Her dad was already worried about her . They were standing there but suddenly they both fell down unconsciously , when aditi gained consciousness she was shocked , she tried to wake up her dad. after few moments when his dad gained consciousness those monster's and a evil nun was standing there , she ran in high speed , she was trying to take her dad but her dad was ready to face his fate he stood there.

    Aditi ran with tears in her eyes. after few moments she stood at a place which was nearby main road ��️. Those unstoppable tears fell down from her eyes.

    It was around 4:00 in the morning no one was around .

    Aditi screamed " Papaaaaaaaa" " I don't know why , kyun, ayi mein yahan , aaj agar kuch bhi hua hai woh meri wajah se" those tears fell down from her eyes constantly . She was not in a good condition . She was totally thirsty , her face had turned pale, the Beauty and smile from her face had totally vanished. She had barely energy left , meanwhile she tried to call Darsh with a small hope-

    Aditi : da....r.r...r......s.s........h.....i am sorry

    Darsh : Hello aditi , , sab thik toh haina.

    Aditi: kuc....hh....bhii.......

    And Aditi fell down unconsciously.


    Many people surrounded her body.
    A lady said " areey yeh ladki kaun hai , kahin maar toh nahi gayi"

    A man : areey iski sanse toh chal rahi hai , chalo chalo kisi gadi ko roke isse hospital le jaate hain.

    A car stopped they put her in the car , a lady also sat with aditi and took her to the hospital .

    Aditi was admitted . After sometime when aditi gained consciousness she was shocked. She rubbed her eyes and searched for her phone. She saw a nurse going by .

    Aditi : Sister !

    Nurse : ji!

    Aditi : kya apako pata hai mera phone kidhar.

    Nurse : aap chitnta mat kijiye thodi der mein aapko discharge kardiya jayega fir apko apka saara saman mil jyaega.

    Aditi : thik hai!

    I am extremely sorry guys! I know applog bhot wait kar rahe the I am sorry , but aaj aagya hai toh padhlijiye. Toh kaisa laga yeh chapter aapko , batiyega zarur comment karke and contest mein part lena mat bhulna thik hai��.

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