• shweket 5w

    Winter nights❣️..

    I always find myself by losing myself,
    to the darkness of night,
    They say it is wrong, but I don't wanna be right..
    The night so calm and clear,
    The chilly wind & memories to make my eyes blear..
    The stars twinkling & the moon smiling at me,
    I smile back instantaneously, as if it is meant to be..
    Tiny lights peeking from the dark,
    Seems to write words & sometimes draw an arc..
    To enhance the night's beauty,
    each one is doing their part,
    No sound to interrupt just the beat of my heart..
    I enjoy colossally but soon ache hit my head,
    My eyes turning red, fingers cold as that of a dead..
    I wish to stay out, to see the night turning to a day,
    If only, the cold befriend me & don't ask my well-being to pay.