• jerryl0u 4w

    A monster from all sides

    I’m in love with the thought of love, hell I wanted it all my life
    So In love with the thought, I sought, anyone but ended up with a gun-
    Pointed at me, they all blast me, bullets go pass me like a fast athlete-
    I got hit so many times I carry a nine close to my heart, now love will never spark-
    Once it does I piss on hit, put slits on its wrist, stomp it back down in an abyss
    Even if she was an angel, but from my angle I swore I had heard her hiss
    Or was it a bark? Whatever, either way I feel more safe
    Then all of a sudden god sends someone my way with a cape, loves on the way but Im saying it’s too late
    I don’t know how to love, it’s funny how you send someone when I end up
    saying I don’t want love no more, but here she goes knocking on my door
    Where was she when I was young and yelled from the top of my lungs-
    Saying I want love that’s all, instead you’ve sent nothing but dogs-
    My way, nibbling at my flesh and expect for me to feel after all of this time
    The thought of love killed me, now I’m a monster resurrected like Frankenstein
    I killed family and friends with my isolation because I’m facing a mind crisis
    I feel the fake love when you hug me, especially when your words get back to me and shove me
    So while I isolate, it’s my heaven and hell but when I come back I’ll say fuck you all
    The only thing I regret is making my lover wept and not keeping our promise I never kept
    But for the rest I could care less, cutting you off will be the best plus relieves stress
    I use to wear this huge S on my chest but now it’s best that I let it burn and watch the fake ones get upset

    -Jerry Lou