• holden_eastman 31w

    Salvo Shoals: Chapter 2: Just a little bit less party

    "Dad!" He's not answering again.

    Sara was late. Not because of me, because of my dad and his late nights and... "I don't have my own car!" Great. I already don't feel like anything around here and now I'm going to be that girl.

    She looked at herself in the mirror. Same hair. Same mascara. Sara pulled up her shirt slightly to check out her stomach and the sliver of a mahogany branch peeked around her left oblique. Still not quite what I want it all to be. She shrugged again, pulling on her black, skinny Levis effortlessly.

    "Dad!" Nothing. He's probably taking a shower.

    Sara shrugged and turned up her Apple docking station, loud, loud enough to hopefully wake him out of his stupidity.

    As if I had anyone to regret or forget.

    "Coming!" His gravely voice was in the hallway. Always working, never doing anything else. Sara slid open the glass door to the short terrace outside of her room and looked out to the parking lot.

    Two kids skating by. Why don't I skate with them?

    "Sara, you said you were ready." He opened the door, wearing the same old beaten Classic rock t-shirt. This time Black Sabbath. With a blazer?

    "Dad, a blazer?" He kissed her on the forehead and ruffled her hair causing her to groan and run back to the mirror.

    "It's my style honey." He motioned to the door, shaking with silent laughter. "Didn't you want to go?"

    "Yeah, yeah." She shoved him on the way out but then put her arm around him as they exited the condo and reached his black Jeep Wrangler. Still old as the hills, even now that we have money.

    "You want to go surfing this evening after school?" He took her hand for a moment as he put the jeep into drive, reversing a little too quickly for Sara's empty stomach.

    "Yeah of course dad." As long as it actually happens.

    As they careened out onto the main road and he punched it ten over the speed limit, Sara imagined what her first day of being a Biochem major would look like. Who all's gonna be there? Will anyone want to know me? Will I want to know them?

    High school was a trip to the comic store daily. Will this be different?

    As her dad pulled into the garishly new red-stone archway proclaiming, "Salvo Bay College: Beyond the break of your imagination," Sara rolled her eyes and pulled her black leather backpack off of the jeep's sandy floor, brushing it off, slightly.

    Here goes nothing.

    Sara could help feeling that weight around her. The same one from back then.

    She tied her hair back with a midnight-black bandana and stepped out of the Jeep, faking a smile for her dad as he careened away from the red stone building marked, "Admissions."

    As she walked up to the front of the school, she heard music banging out of a car in the parking lot. Some kind of trap hop. Even if I don't turn around, I know they're all full of money and not full of anything else.

    Sara pulled her hoodie closer and looked up the ten or so stairs to the sprawling admissions building, hitting the stairs two at a time, realizing that no one else was close by.

    Late again.

    Thunder rumbled overhead.

    She hummed one of her favorite songs to herself, hoping to quiet her heart.