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    Poem Time - Sleepless Nights

    The night is sparkling dark ,
    And the moon is crimson white ,
    My head is full of visions ,
    Of your face's beautiful sight.
    The sky is full of stars ,
    Twinkling together up so high ,
    Reminding me of your face ,
    That look so innocent and so shy.
    The roads are remotely silent ,
    And breeze is fresh and cool ,
    I'm smiling back at the memories ,
    Of meeting you on that day in school.
    The eyes are open wide awake ,
    But yet they are dreaming about you,
    How much you exactly mean to me ,
    I wish you had any such clue.
    In this void full of darkness,
    My heart is calling your name,
    You are the reason for my sleepless nights ,
    you are the one I should blame?.

    #mirakee #poetry #writersnetwork

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    Poem Time - Sleepless

    You know you're in
    Love when you can't
    fall asleep, because
    reality is finally
    better than your dreams.

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